oval course

Our oval track serves multiple purposes. Drivers can run on genuine CRC racing carpet for drift and on road racing. The track is also the perfect size for beginners learning how to maneuver their vehicles and for our birthday party guests to enjoy racing against each other. On major race days, the oval track will be set-up with a turf overlay to expand our already enormous off r0ad surface.



Trail trucks are a lot of fun and are not necessarily limited to outdoor use. Since trail truck drivers love to hang out, they are welcomed in The Hobby Hangout Truck Adventure Course.



The Hobby Hangout’s main track area is dedicated to 1/10 off-road racing. The track has a turf surface which is growing in popularity in the RC world. The turf surface makes it easy for drivers to run successfully while keeping cars, the pits and you clean for fun racing environment. For bigger events, the track may be extended into the oval area for a larger racing area.



The future is here and The Hobby Hangout is already set up for intense, action-packed drone racing. On scheduled nights, the main track area will be enclosed in netting and set up with drone course markers for FPV drone racing. Spectators can watch what the FPV pilots see in their goggles on our overhead TV monitors.


Flight Time*
One Hour
Two Hours
Four Hours

Track Time Only

*Available at designated times only.

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